Posted on Feb 14, 2013

Reupload Game Request



1. Don’t request any games which are not available on this site. The page is only for Re-Upload.
2. Don’t request reupload GD link which is getting the limit because it is not considered as a dead link.
3. The re-uploaded files are in the same formation which is applied now like file size, file hosting etc.
4. Request is required to include such article url + reason or full article title + reason.


Title : Grid 2-Black Box
Link   :
Reason : Mega, GDrive and Direct FTP Links was broken


Title : Grid 2-Black Box
Reason: All uptobox links was broken/dead


Title :
Reason: Google Drive part 1,3 and 5 links dead/broken

6. Double request posts are not allowed. It is necessary to check the comments below, if there is no same request you can post the request then.
7. All of request which violates the terms and conditions will be automatically ‘DELETE’.


Another Request Page


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    103 Responses to “Reupload Game Request”

    1. SpaceClown13 says:

      Removed by Admin

    2. Si Kuncung says:

      Removed by Admin

    3. wrwrarar says:

      title: one piece pirate warriors 3
      reason: google drive single link broken/dead

    4. N. says:

      Removed by Admin

    5. Anonymous says:

      Removed by Admin

    6. Naveln says:

      Removed by Admin

    7. SA_JK says:

      Removed by Admin

    8. MONARK JAIN says:

      Title: Far Cry 3 Repack-Black Box
      Reason: All uptobox links was broken/dead

    9. 3Ams says:

      Removed by Admin

    10. Ridho says:

      Title : NBA 2K16-CODEX
      Link :
      reason : Google Drive r Dead.

    11. resident evil revelation 2 corepack repack says:

      Hey admin ,the Mega links for resident evil revelation 2 corepack repack are dead.Please reupload it.Thanks in advance

    12. Gie says:

      Sorry for being posting here..

      But I desire indeed you could help me to upload Nier : Automata.

      Thanks Admin..

    13. aldrin says:

      Dear admin can you reupload this game

      Title : lego marvel super heroes – flt
      Link :
      Reason : all the Links was dead

      Thx before

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