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Title: Troublemaker-GOG
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Gamecom Team
Publisher: Freedom Games
Release Date: 31 Mar, 2023
Languages: English
File Size: 8.04 GB / Split 2 parts 4.95 GB Compressed
Mirrors: Google Drive, Mediafire, Pixeldrain, Uptobox, Torrent

Free Download Troublemaker PC Game – Troublemaker is an action-adventure-beat-’em-up game about the most important and terrifying part of everyone’s life: High school. As Budi, the new transfer to one of Indonesia’s finest …


Go to school, make new friends, beat old enemies up, solve world-class problems (like grades and girlfriends), and don’t let your mom down by getting arrested or worse – flunking out!

Troublemaker is an action-adventure-beat-’em-up game about the most important and terrifying part of everyone’s life: High school. As Budi, the new transfer to one of Indonesia’s finest high schools, literally fight your way to the top of the social food chain through the school’s annual student fighting tournament, aptly named Raise Your Gang.




• OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64bit version only)
• Processor: Intel Core i5-2400s @ 2.5 GHz or AMD FX-6100 @ 3.3 GHz
• Memory: 8 GB RAM
• Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 or AMD R9 270X
• DirectX: Version 11
• Storage: 25 GB available space
• Sound Card: DirectX compatible using the latest drivers

• OS: Windows 10 (64bit version only)
• Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
• Memory: 16 GB RAM
• Graphics: NVidia GTX 1060 OR AMD RX 590
• DirectX: Version 12
• Storage: 25 GB available space
• Sound Card: DirectX-compatible using the latest drivers


🔊 Links are interchangeable
🔊 Filecrypt folder password: 221
🔊 Rar password:



1. Extract
2. Run “setup_troublemaker_1.2b_(66377).exe”
3. Play the game

GOG Database:

Note: The game is updated to version 1.2b

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50 Responses to “Troublemaker-GOG”

  1. ArseneZio says:

    don’t waste ur time to play this

  2. Nanda GAMECOM says:

    Buy A Space for the Unbound, and pirate this one. This game belongs in the trash. Game developed by a bunch of millennial edgelord who’s probably never gone to school.

    • Buddy Guy says:

      “Game developed by a bunch of millennial edgelord who’s probably never gone to school.”

      I’m with you buddy, they’re annoying.

    • khrmuh says:

      what you mean talkin’ like that? don’t be frontin’ if you ain’t done no research on the habits of Indo school kids (who ain’t feelin’ the study vibes).

      you really think you can make games, homie?”

    • Nanda GAMECOM says:

      Ah yes, typical Indon with their question “yOu rEaLlY tHinK yOu cAn mAkE gAme?”. I’am from Indon too, you moron. Ofc I have the experience as a student here.

    • Then who are you to hate developer game and spread your hate to everyone? You are nobody kid. Try to grow up. Your type of person that make Indognesia never grows as a country. Sad country :(

    • Nanda GAMECOM says:

      @Not Nanda GAMECOM because this game is trash, not Indonesian games in general, but THIS game. My first comment literally giving you a title of good games from Indo, a game that is actually worth to download and play.

    • Mom's Favorite says:

      Oh wow, a schizo thread.

    • LowLight says:

      im from indo (bandung) and i agree about dis game

    • John says:

      Can you make a video game before you insult these developers, kid???

    • Nanda GAMECOM says:

      @John another Indon with the same question. Very predictable. I’am stating a fact here, moron.

    • troublemaker ass game says:

      @khrmuh lmao bruh are you a gangster wannabe or what? that’s pretty cringe haha, no wonder a guy like you defending this shit title

    • Rozen says:

      If u dont want playing this game just skip sir, dont waste my time for reading dumb u opinion,

    • Nanda GAMECOM says:

      hi all, I’m sorry for being rude. I’m just a bit dumb cause of my chronic autism since birthed.

      this game is actually great, go buy it on steam if you can. have a nice day.

    • Nanda GAMECOM says:

      Never, ever buy this game. Imagine making an impression of me just to say I like this garbage. F-ing Indogs.

  3. Hiyal Ulya says:

    Hey Admin OvaGames, thank you very much

    even though I bought the game officially from steam, epic. but size file game is very big and unstable speed internet connection

    i downloaded game from here to save time and capacity from large but unused data, like the repack version ) and no skip or adblock advertising so that your server can live and help a little maintain your website server

    thank you bro

    • Nanda GAMECOM says:

      Thanks for your support to the developer. This game is great and deserve a sequel.

  4. Gog lovers says:

    thanks add gog version

  5. carlos says:

    can i request “shin megami tensei”

  6. Lupus says:

    this game demand more spec than Stray, I can’t even get 60fps on High setting which on Stray I can

  7. Ariq Rizqullah says:


    • Victor Freedom says:


    • Yes you are indognesian :(

    • Victor Freedom says:

      I take back what I said before. This game is amazing. As an inodnesian, I’m so proud of the developer. You should buy this game if you can so that you can support the developer.

  8. Tawuran says:

    are there any motorbike gear fight in this game?

  9. marco says:

    it reminds me of playing persona 4 ps2

  10. Domestic no Indonesian says:

    wtf is this? is this the so called indonesian bully or yakuza? thank god i pirate this garbage.

    i have a question, is this game really represent indo school activity and education? if it is, then no wonder the game is awful. please stop developing game, trash.

  11. Random People says:

    7/10 for this game i like the artsyle

  12. troublemaker really trouble says:

    this game are trash absolutely, i dont care indog would be attack me but fact this game is trash

    indog would say like this

    “cAn YoU MaKe BEttEr GaMe ThaN THis”

    and when you open the steam then you look rating from this game you’ll know so many bunch of clown giving this game positive lol

    and they would be mad if you say trash about this game ahaha

    • SomePeople says:

      dude seriously I don’t know what country you’re from but deliberately mocking country names is not cool

      you can say anything you want to dev curse them or mock them as much you like,but my Country name ??? nah that’s not good

  13. Zimbabwe Men says:

    for everyone who said this game is trash..
    yeah this is trash but those of you who pirated any game and never want to buy the original game are also trash…

    yeah you are trash dude, the true trash.. so dont say trash if you are also “trash”..

    even this game is not good but at least the developer try to make something for their life

    but you, what are you, just a bunch of useless people who can’t appreciate things

    I believe that you are people who have never had a good life, stupid and useless, forever

  14. jackrose says:

    honestly, im indonesian and this game such a good improvement.

    I really appreciate the developer, i love this game so much

    • SomePeople says:

      Don’t lie bro, imagine saying this as an improvement for local developer while there is actually a better one like A Space for the Unbound and Coral Island. Cheers from Indogs!

  15. Rubber Masters says:

    From the screenshots looks like any recent unreal engine based game. Everything looks like is made of rubber.

    I don’t know if it is based on UR4 engine, but… Men i don’t even know it this deserves to be played for free honestly.

    Should i give a try or not ?

    • Nanda GAMECOM says:

      Don’t, never touch this garbage. It doesn’t worth your time. Play/pirate a better game. Or pirate it anyway, so the devs can go bankrupt.

    • bakwan garing says:

      i’d rather torture my soul playing lotr gollum than this

  16. DevilGod says:

    i better go play bully

  17. yuyu says:

    as Indonesian. Don’t play it

  18. SenimanMAHIWAL says:

    Im from Bandung, Indonesia, I play this game and agree that this game is TRASH, also required high spec PC that waste money. Developers should work more hard again to make other interesting games that can be acceptable worldwide with good ratings, not just like this game that is actually not very worth to download and play.

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