Battle Worlds Kronos-FLT


Title: Battle Worlds Kronos-FLT
Genre: Strategy
Developer: King Art Games
Publisher: King Art Games
Release Date: 04-11-2013
File Size: 733.13 MB / Single Link ISO
Mirrors:, 1Fichier, Google Drive, Uptobox, Upfile.Mobi

Free Download Battle Worlds Kronos PC Game – Have you ever asked yourself what a classic turn-based strategy game like „Battle Isle“ or „Panzer General“ would look like today? What modern technology and graphics would add to such a game? Well, we actually did and as a result we decided to bring back this great genre with its unique gameplay … (more…)

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Timelines: Assault on America-RELOADED


Title: Timelines: Assault on America-RELOADED
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Strategy First Inc.
Release Date: 09-2013
File Size: 4.52 GB / 3.13 GB Highly Compressed / Split 5 part 700 MB
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian
Mirrors: PutLocker, Uploaded, HugeFiles, UPaFile, BillionUploads, MightyUpload

July 20, 1942, Berlin, Germany The United States’ Office of Strategic Services (OSS) take advantage of information provided to them by the underground German resistance against the Third Reich. The OSS launch operation ‘Wolf’s Head’, where top marksmen hide among a rally given in honor of Adolf Hitler. Thousands of onlookers salute and… (more…)

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Worms Clan Wars-FLT


Title: Worms Clan Wars-FLT
Genre: Action, Strategy
Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Release Date: 15-08-2013
File Size: 1.61 GB / Split 5 parts 350 MB + Single Link ISO
Mirrors:, DownAce, Google Drive, Uptobox, Upfile.Mobi

Free Download Worms Clan Wars PC Game – Coming exclusively to PC, Worms™ Clan Wars brings friends and families together in the noble pursuit of self‐improvement, world domination and exploding sheep. Worms™ Clan Wars is the biggest and best Worms™ game to date – more worms, larger landscapes, more dynamic water, more weapons … (more…)

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Tiny Troopers-PROPHET

Title: Tiny Troopers-PROPHET
Genre: Action, Strategy, Indie
Developer: Kukouri
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Release Date: July 2013
File Size: 229.47 MB / Single Link Compressed
Mirrors:, DownAce, Google Drive, Uptobox, Upfile.Mobi

Free Download Tiny Troopers PC Game – Your troopers will face enemy infantry, snipers, technicals and even tanks. The casualty rate is going to be high but there’s an endless supply of fresh recruits to step up and fill the ranks. Those lucky troopers who survive from mission to mission will be promoted, and each new stripe they gain makes them tougher … (more…)

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Crusader Kings Complete-PROPHET


Title: Crusader Kings Complete-PROPHET
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Paradox Interactive
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Release Date: 06-2013
File Size: 303.99 MB / Single Link Compressed
Mirrors:, Google Drive, Uptobox,

Free Download Crusader Kings Complete PC Game – In the three-and-a-half years since the release of the original Europa Universalis, Paradox Entertainment has released several sequels each expanding the empire management mechanic into new areas. But though the developers have adapted the game to suit a diverse range of periods, they’ve done very … (more…)

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