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Old World-GOG


Title: Old World-GOG
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Mohawk Games
Publisher: Hooded Horse
Release Date: 19 May, 2022
Languages: English
File Size: 4.23 GB / Single Link Compressed
Mirrors: Google Drive, Hexupload, Mediafire, Pixeldrain, Torrent

Free Download Old World PC Game – Old World is a revolutionary new historical strategy game where you lead your dynasty over generations of rule against rival kings and queens. Wage massive wars, manage your court, and build a …


Old World is a revolutionary new historical strategy game where you lead your dynasty over generations of rule against rival kings and queens. Wage massive wars, manage your court, and build a dynasty — or watch your empire crumble to dust. What legacy will you leave behind?

Orders are a resource used to issue commands across your nation. Instead of moving every Unit every turn, as is traditional in 4X games, each Unit can be moved multiple times until the Unit becomes Fatigued or the player runs out of Orders. There are many other ways to spend Orders: Combat, Construction, Events, Diplomacy, and more.

Each ruler must prove that they are worthy of the throne. As you accomplish Ambitions, finish Wonders, and gain renown (as “the Wise” or “the Avenger” or “the Peacemaker”), your Legitimacy increases, granting additional Orders each year and improving your reputation with the people.

Every turn in Old World represents a year, and the rulers are mortals who won’t live forever. They will need to get married and produce an heir to continue their bloodline. When a ruler dies, the Heir who takes the throne chooses a new Ambition to make a new name for themselves.

Old World has a powerful and deep dynamic event system that generates a procedural story for your nation based on your decisions, your accomplishments, and your Characters. The game has over 3,000 unique events, many of which are inspired by historical incidents from the period. These events give Memories, Traits, and Relationships, which can then trigger later events, so be careful what you choose.

Your dynasty can achieve victory by fulfilling 10 Ambitions, each one more difficult than the last. These Ambitions are dynamically generated from the Events of your game and the desires of your Characters. No two games will ever play out the same way. A wise ruler will know when to change direction.

Each nation has four noble Families who can be granted stewardship of your cities, with each one providing unique and powerful bonuses. You’ll want to balance how to distribute Cities among them carefully as those with too many will begin to think they deserve the throne while those with too few will grow envious of their rivals. Pleased Families will keep their citizenry under control while angry ones will incite revolts.

Cities form cohesive blocks of territory, with an urban center and rural hinterlands. Each Improvement occupies a single tile, including Wonders and urban buildings, such as Shrines, Amphitheaters, and Garrisons. This territory grows organically based on where the player constructs Improvements and trains Specialists.

Resources in Old World, such as Food, Wood, Stone, and Iron, are stockpiled as they are produced, to be spent on Units, Improvements, Wonders, and so on. Borrowing some algorithms from Offworld Trading Company, a dynamic marketplace allows players to buy and sell the resources at any time, with the prices fluctuating based on supply-and-demand.

The Technology Tree borrows mechanics from deck-building games to add variety and create interesting decisions. Each Technology available to research is added to the player’s deck, and when it is time to choose the next technology, the player draws four cards, chooses one, and then discards the others, which will not reappear until the deck is reshuffled. Thus, choosing between two desirable technologies is a difficult decision as the player knows they will not see the card they just passed over for many more turns.

This Release Includes:
• Old World (Base Game)
• Old World – Pharaohs of the Nile (DLC)
• Old World – The Sacred and The Profane (DLC)
• Old World – Heroes of the Aegean (DLC)




• OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
• Processor: Intel i5-6400 2.7ghz or similar
• Memory: 8 GB
• Storage: 10 GB
• DirectX: 11
• Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 770 / AMD R9 290

• OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
• Processor: Intel i5-8500 3ghz or similar
• Memory: 16 GB
• Storage: 14 GB
• DirectX: 11
• Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD RX 5500-XT or greater


? Links are interchangeable
? Filecrypt folder password: 221
? Rar password:


1. Extract
2. Run “setup_old_world_68964_(64bit)_(68013).exe” to install the game
3. Run “setup…exe” inside DLC folder to install the DLC
4. Play the game

GOG Database:

Note: The game is updated to version 68964

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