Posted on Jul 7, 2023

Uncharted 4 Legacy of Thieves Collection MULTi22-ElAmigos


Title: Uncharted 4 Legacy of Thieves Collection MULTi22-ElAmigos
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Naughty Dog LLC, Iron Galaxy Studios
Publisher: PlayStation PC LLC
Release Date: 19 Oct, 2022
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Etc …
File Size: 65.52 GB / Split 14 parts 4.95 GB Compressed
Mirrors: Google Drive, Hexupload, Mediafire, Pixeldrain, Torrent

Free Download UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection Repack PC Game – Are You Ready To Seek Your Fortune? Seek your fortune and leave your mark on the map in the UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection. Uncover the thrilling …


Are You Ready To Seek Your Fortune?

Seek your fortune and leave your mark on the map in the UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection. Uncover the thrilling cinematic storytelling and the largest blockbuster action set pieces in the UNCHARTED franchise, packed with all the wit, cunning, and over the top moments of the beloved thieves – Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer.

In an experience delivered by award winning developer Naughty Dog, the UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection includes the two critically-acclaimed, globe-trotting single player adventures from UNCHARTED™ 4: A Thief’s End and UNCHARTED™: The Lost Legacy. Each story is filled with laughs, drama, high octane combat, and a sense of wonder – remastered to be even more immersive.

This Release Includes:
• UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End
• UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy




• OS: Windows 10 64-bit
• Processor: Intel i5-4330, AMD Ryzen 3 1200
• Memory: 8 GB RAM
• Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 960 (4 GB), AMD R9 290X (4 GB)
• DirectX: Version 12
• Storage: 126 GB available space

• OS: Windows 10 64-bit
• Processor: Intel i7-4770, AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
• Memory: 16 GB RAM
• Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 (6 GB), AMD RX 570 (4 GB)
• DirectX: Version 12
• Storage: 126 GB available space


? Links are interchangeable
? Filecrypt folder password: 741
? Rar password:





1. Extract
2. Burn or mount the .iso
3. Run setup.exe and install
4. Enjoy & Play

Full List of Supported Languages:
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Polish, Czech, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Turkish, Greek, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional

Release Notes:
ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Codex or FLT). Updated to version 1.3.20900 (19.12.2022).

Included content: Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End + Uncharted 4 The Lost Legacy. Installation time with 16 threads CPU and SSD – 5 minutes.

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121 Responses to “Uncharted 4 Legacy of Thieves Collection MULTi22-ElAmigos”

  1. Nathan Drake Oficiel says:

    Thanks, this is what iam waiting for

  2. Nathan's rope says:

    THANKS OVA!! next gotham knights, ehe

  3. KeyChan says:

    Thanks. Google Drive. Im Coming

  4. PBXDON says:

    thanks ovagames i love you 300 times

  5. Yanzzz says:

    Been waiting for this :) thanksss

  6. loko moko says:

    been waiting for this game thank you ova games

    • Rengoku says:

      This morning i still download valiant heart with no problem, now filecrypt cant found what i find

  7. Poor Guy says:

    Can I play this on Intel hd 4000??

  8. Kmm says:

    The game is working or not

  9. prince says:

    oh man !
    please dont..
    you make Steam broke .

  10. KMK says:

    hey guys right now I am downloading this game. is any one got any issue while installing and playing.


  11. Kervanci says:

    Does this version contain Turkish dubbing?
    Or is it just subtitles?

    • Againme says:

      Let me answer this question.
      There is only english dubbing file.


  12. Ziyad ahammed says:

    Thank you thank you thank you soooo much….i was eagerly waiting to fitgirl repack bcoz the other repacks have a huge size like we downloading the original game qnd its links are also too sloww tnkz buddy

  13. bagz says:

    ova is the best

  14. GHOSTWIRE says:

    no japan language ?


  15. Richy says:

    Can anyone tell me, total size after instal, thanks :)

  16. Yo guys, please those who know, help answer please, when it’s mounted and then installed, it has to go into a temporary file first, what’s the total size for the temporary files? because I use disk c as temporary files, now only 70 GB is left, while I will install the game on disk d, which is still a lot left

    • lijok says:

      the final size of the game is about 124 gb , if it is still 70 even after you extract it , or after the installation , then it is problematic, still , yeah , the temporary files shouldn’t occupy other 70gb

    • cloudy says:

      you should change your temp, file to D not C. just open youtube about how to do it, it save a lot of trouble especially if you have small C storage.

  17. Xavon says:

    Is this a single installer or Can I install the games seperately

  18. Band of Brothers says:

    Thanks To CODEX, FLT, ELAMIGOS, then My Lovely OVA GAMES ?⭐⭐???

  19. I LOVE OVA says:

    woooooooooooooo OVA I Love You So Much

  20. I LOVE OVA says:


  21. Unorthodox says:

    Oh my God. Thanks, Ova.

  22. rikudo32H says:


  23. Razin says:

    how to play with ps2 controller stick

  24. How Do I play with a ps5 Controller? I just installed it and it’s not working with my ps5 controller.


    • kervanci says:

      1- If you have x360 emulator, close that program.
      (Make sure it’s not running in the background)
      2- Connect Dualsense with cable.
      That is all. I am using it this way.

    • Taking says:

      Hi you just have to add your Dualsense on steam and go to seating, joycticck adn turn on all the cases. Then turn big picture ON for all your game, Then add the game Uncharted in your steal librairie (add a no steam game) create a descop icon with steam, and lauch the game with steam like that. You can also use fist the “firmware updater for dualsanse wireless controller” by Playstation, check on google and (controller.dl.playsation) download i. And now you can play with the Dualsense.
      Just do not download DS4windows to solve your problem, it’s a trojan program.

  25. gameguy says:

    do I need avx2 to play?

  26. gamers says:

    I’ve downloaded a lot of games here, actually I want to donate directly but apparently donations can only be done by opening ads so if that can keep this website alive and growing then I will do it. Thank you so much ova.

  27. Nura says:

    Game is working but no sound. Any idea what might be the problem?

  28. leogamer says:

    The game does not launch, stays in task manager for ten seconds then vanishes

    • ToT says:

      1.right click on the shortcut in the desktop
      2. open file location
      3. now run

      it may work cuz sometimes games wont run with their shortcuts

  29. leogam says:

    only download and install, if you cpu has avx2

  30. drt says:

    is there a way to fix this?

  31. bawing says:

    hey ova , can u upload game call of duty vanguard?

  32. Baba3211 says:

    Thank you so so so so much. Please please is there any way to release cod latest games . like vanguard , modern walfare. please release it. charge us but please release it.
    Thank you so so much for uncharted game.

  33. imbaaki says:


  34. zibby says:

    can i run it on ryzen 5 5500U

  35. dev says:

    same here, have solved?

  36. joss says:

    Thanks!! I will play it soon :))

    Also I cant wait for Persona 5 Royale!

  37. knock says:

    hello, how to fix crash when entering the game???

  38. insanedjo says:

    awesome game!

  39. mohamed alaa says:

    where arabic language????????????

  40. clack says:

    Before the game can work on your laptop, it must have AVX2

  41. martin says:

    can we play multiplayer with joystick?

  42. Bill says:

    Anyone get this working on Steam Deck? Try to launch u4.exe but won’t launch

  43. killergamer says:

    Excellent jeu merci

  44. Game says:

    Please patch update for problem cpu not support,remove avx2

  45. Ferry says:

    is it repack version ?

  46. tommy says:

    anyone running this on win 11.tried to run it but no joy

  47. joker says:

    Still waiting judment

  48. devil says:

    can anyone tell me how to install this game I downloaded all the files but please tell me the procedure

  49. Dhaniel says:

    Can GTX 750 Ti 2 gb work for this game???

  50. Danial says:

    please add the arabic language, the game supports arabic subtitle and spoken

  51. byg says:

    sadly unsupporyed cpu, mine is 3rd gen i7 … hhh

  52. Hwil says:

    Req Resident evil 2,3 and 7 with new update sir ???

  53. Hwil says:

    Req Resident evil 2,3 and 7 with new update sir ???
    kindly help

  54. L says:

    Vanguard dear days please

  55. Excalibur says:

    new files and links? can it still be combined with old files? I only need the part 11 file and when I download it the link and file name have changed

  56. harris says:

    yesterday the file name is “OG10291-U4LTC22” and already download it until part 10
    now the file name changed “OG10588A-UN4LETCA”
    how can i extract it? already try to rename it and not working

  57. Excalibur says:

    where the old files ? :(

  58. qwerty says:

    Is this the updated version? can i run this? i7 3770k?

  59. sammy says:

    how can i found the old file

  60. DOOMSLAYER says:

    Completed the game. Thanks.

  61. hqme90 says:

    can reupload link 58 zippyshare? deadlink

  62. sammynugerah says:

    how i can download from torrent

  63. Krish says:

    Only one part left please give older link bro please

  64. Kris says:

    Please bro previous downlaod link of part12.. Please give only one part left to download.

  65. Blaire says:

    is it just updated? cause i’ve just downloaded 6 parts before this changes. guess i should re-download it all again then

  66. Trixy says:

    Can you maybe not delete the older links please ’cause I unfortunately downloaded from the 10 previous rar files of the 68gb game only 4 left to go.
    It’s a pleasure to visit this site I hope you’ll help me

  67. Rahul Debnath says:

    hi ovagames
    where is update file

  68. Sanjay says:

    while extracting using 7zip it shows headers error pls help me

  69. thunder says:

    hey man this maybe off topic but when f1 23 are going to be available?

  70. AsHboRn says:

    dlss option not showing up in settings, help!!!

  71. Raider says:

    Uncharted – Lost Legacy ??

  72. Deepjyoti says:

    Plz provide an update with dlss. Thank you ova

  73. leo says:

    where is torrent link?

  74. mahir vahora says:

    help me sir what shuold do….i wast my 70gb for game

  75. jamal says:

    After installing and opening the game, the Sony images appear and report a problem. What is the solution to fix it?

  76. ToT says:

    how to add the update files to the game, do we just need to copy paste or something else after extraction?

  77. Joker says:

    I need crack only please ?

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