Posted on Jul 7, 2014

FIFA Manager 14 Legacy Edition Cracked-3DM

Title: FIFA Manager 14 Legacy Edition Cracked-3DM
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Developer: Bright Future
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: October 24, 2013
File Size: 4.09 GB / Split 7 parts 620 MB + Single Link Compressed
Mirrors:, DownAce, Google Drive, Uptobox, Upfile.Mobi

Free Download FIFA Manager 14: Legacy Edition Game for PC – The 2014 edition of EA Sports’ successful football management simulation, FIFA Manager 14 brings gamers updated teams and kits for the Season 2013/2014. In addition to small improvements to the game, the predecessor’s unlockable features, such as the team matrix, rumor mill …


FIFA Manager 14 is the next installment in the very popular football management series developed by Bright Future and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label. FM 14 is once again developed by genre veteran Gerald Köhler who has been working on the FIFA Manager series ever since and had before developed the genre classic Anstoss (UK title: On the Ball) and several successful sequels.

FIFA Manager 14 renews the series’ claim to give fans the best football management simulation to date. Prove your abilities to build a successful team, manage the financial part of your club, building the right infrastructure, as well as supporting and benefiting youth teams, and arranging sensible transfers. It is up to you to prove that you can keep up with the best and most successful managers!

Current transfers, player strength changes and many other realistic elements ensure that FIFA Manager 14, just like its popular forerunners, will be absolutely up to date at the time of its release!



• OS: Windows 7 SP1
• CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz or greater / AMD Athlon 64 2.00GHz or greater
• RAM: 1536MB or greater
• Video Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT 256MB or ATI Radeon 9800 SE 128MB or greater
• Windows Index Rating: 3.5



1. Unrar
2. Copy the crack content (Manager14.exe dan Rld.dll) to game install directory
3. Play the game
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68 Responses to “FIFA Manager 14 Legacy Edition Cracked-3DM”

  1. narukami says:


  2. ken rangga says:

    mantap min

  3. Varwolf says:

    thanx for upload !

  4. Mubdi says:

    Terima kasih banyak, min

  5. Zerei says:

    Bagus min, makasih…

    sekarang emang jarang ya game RPG ? semisal Kingdom of Amalur, castlevania, dsb ?

    pingin main model gitu min.. kalau ada di bagikan ya min, jangan di simpen sendiri :D

  6. Mubdi says:

    Om Admin, saya kok pas selesai download buka filenya malah error. kenapa bisa error ya min? padahal ane kemarin download game disini ga ada error. ini pict nya ;

    Pesan WinRAR :
    :!: C:\Download\Compressed\ : Akhiran arsip yang tidak diharapkan

    bukan cuma satu file WinRAR aja gan, tapi beberapa ada yang error filenya pas ane buka, mohon bantuannya gan :oops: he :mrgreen:

  7. Diana says:

    Min, coba cek file Rld.dll
    (2. Copy the crack content (Manager14.exe dan Rld.dll) to game install directory)
    di folder crack itu cuma ada satu file “manager14.exe” doank, Rld.dll nya gada min, , , ato mngkin jatuh di tengah jalan pas donlot? :mrgreen:

  8. MoZy says:

    please, can someone upload the crack only?

  9. ajiboon says:

    knpa sya x boleh open itu installer..lepas click installer ia kluar ‘what app to use to open this file’..gimana min

  10. Aldo says:

    Thanks gan mantap dah 100% work
    maju terus ova games :wink:

  11. Pixa says:

    dlu ane pernah dwnld game ini d website lain tp ga work d tanyain k admin jwbn’y bkin psink ps skrg dwnld d ovagames udh extract n ngktin ptnjuk WORK 1000% mka’y ga mw lg dwnld game2 selain d ovagames.great work ovagames.thanks for the games.. :-D

    • Ivano Arya says:

      Bro, boleh gw minta “RLD.dll”nya aja ???
      soalnya, Gw udh download dr tempat ente..
      “RLD.dll”nya ga ada
      cm CRACKnya doang

  12. wisnu says:

    single linkny donk gan :mrgreen:

  13. ninawardj says:

    admin, maaf.. kok file Rld.dll nya ga ada difolder crack ya.. antivirus udah saya matiin..

  14. holy maggots says:

    Thanks gan 100% work
    pertama instal emang ada masalah kyk yg diatas :-?
    but now it’s work

  15. Dhani says:

    Kok keluar kya gini yah “The dynamic library ‘rld.dll’ failed to initialize (E5). ” ? atasinya gimana min ? tolong bantu …

  16. Dhani says:

    the dynamic library “rld.dll” failed to initialiuze (E5) . Cara atasinya gmana nih ?

  17. zulfan says:

    gan kenapa error juga ya?? :( :( :(
    mohon bantuaanya,,

  18. BAkabaka says:

    Ada yg tau ga punya gw “Failed to Initialize” securom

  19. nyamuq says:

    reupload rar no 6 pls

  20. hadi says:

    gan yang tusfiles linknya kok error ja. dah downlod ampe part 5 ni malah ga bisa didownload lagi. :(

  21. Arif says:

    bagusnya download dari link apa? soalnya udah download di upfile tapi pas di ekstrak error

  22. cindy says:

    re-upload please

  23. lulu says:

    reupload min

  24. ariey says:

    Reupload pls min part ke 6 Upfile

  25. khan says:

    please reupload part 6 upfile

  26. NoName says:

    re upload donk min fifa manager 14 ini
    kalo bisa single link

  27. NoName says:

    reupload donk min kalo bisa

  28. cheko says:

    reuplod fifa manager 14

  29. surya says:

    part 6 nya corrup reupload please :)

  30. Yunan says:

    request single link, lewat direct link atau kumpul bagi. Ty

  31. bayu says:

    reupload ke gdrive donk bang atau kumpul bagi

  32. Roy says:

    please reupload part 7

  33. abg says:

    part 7 down.. tried on every hoster .. reup pls

  34. Admin says:

    Reupload FIFA Manager 14 Legacy Edition Cracked-3DM Done.

    Date: 15 October 2016

    Note: Old links are not interchangeable!

  35. Roller says:

    Could someone please send me their “Rld.dll” because i lost mine

  36. chema says:

    I need further instructions on how to play

  37. chema says:

    I do not know how to Install it it doesnt come with an installation pack

  38. Enes says:

    It asks screen resolution, after I clicked okey it asks again. I couldn’t open, what should I do for not to be asked screen resolution?

  39. asy says:

    Work for windows 10?

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