Bear Simulator-CODEX

Title: Bear Simulator-CODEX
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 27 Feb, 2016
File Size: 3.63 GB / Split 6 parts 550 MB + Single Link ISO
Mirror’s: GDrive,, Direct FTP Link, Uptobox, MobiUp

Free Download Bear Simulator PC Game – ]A game where you live life through the eyes of a bear. Eat things, go on an adventure and discover things about your forest home. Explore 7 different regions from the regular forest, to the mountain top or maybe take a long walk on the beach. But don’t go to the Spooky Woods, none have braved that … (more…)

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Life in Bunker-SKIDROW

Title: Life in Bunker-SKIDROW
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Flox Studios Ltd.
Publisher: Flox Studios Ltd.
Release Date: 25 Feb, 2016
File Size: 658.86 MB / Single Link ISO
Mirror’s: GDrive,, Direct FTP Link, MobiUp, Uptobox

Free Download Life in Bunker PC Game – You’ve been elected as the new Bunker Warden! Now you must take control over a group of fellow bunker residents and try to make them last until the surface becomes habitable. The task however is not trivial. The underground life is difficult, full of danger and the residents will heavily rely on your wise, sometimes … (more…)

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Ancient Space-CODEX


Title: Ancient Space-CODEX
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: CreativeForge
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Release Date: 23 Sep, 2014
File Size: 2.01 GB / Single Link Compressed
Mirrors:, 1Fichier, Google Drive, Uptobox,

Free Download Ancient Space PC Game is real time strategic starship battles that encourages tactical maneuvering. In time honored RTS tradition, you build and upgrade your fleet as you complete mission objectives and gather resources which allow you to progress further into the game. Chart your approach – from defense to offense and everything … (more…)

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Drizzlepath Genie-PLAZA

Title: Drizzlepath Genie-PLAZA
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Tonguç Bodur
Publisher: Tonguç Bodur
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2016
File Size: 2.08 GB / Single Link Compressed
Mirrors:, 1Fichier, Google Drive, Uptobox,

Free Download Drizzlepath: Genie PC Game – Lula lives a happy life in her seaside village. Until one night a mysterious wizard tells her in a dream that she must find a relic called the Genie. What is the Genie? Could it be a key to unlock the truth about life and the universe? Could it be the answer to all her questions? Find out, when you walk as Lula, on the … (more…)

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Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports
Developer: Milestone S.r.l.
Publisher: Milestone S.r.l.
Release Date: 28 Mar, 2014
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
File Size: 3.15 GB / Split 2 parts 3.00 GB Compressed
Mirrors:, 1Fichier, Google Drive, Uptobox,

Free Download MXGP PC Game – The Official Motocross Videogame PC Game – Put yourself to the test, racing in the two MXGP championships with all the riders and bikes from the MX1 and MX2 categories! Take up the challenge from the promising young MX2 riders and the MX1 champions, and join them on the tracks! Race on the official championship … (more…)



Title: Depth-CODEX
Genre: Action, Horror, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Digital Confectioners
Publisher: Digital Confectioners
Release Date: 3 Nov, 2014
File Size: 1.04 GB / Single Link Compressed
Mirrors:, 1Fichier, Google Drive, Uptobox,

Free Download Depth PC Game – Play as a shark or a diver in a dark aquatic world and overcome your enemies by employing cunning, teamwork, and stealth. Depth blends tension and visceral action as you team up against AI or be matched with other players in heart pounding combat. Play as a shark – As a twenty foot Great White Shark … (more…)

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Toy Soldiers Complete-CODEX

Title: Toy Soldiers Complete-CODEX
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Signal Studios, Krome Studios
Publisher: Signal Studios
Release Date: Feb 18, 2016
File Size: 1.54 GB / Single Link ISO
Mirrors:, 1Fichier, Google Drive, Uptobox, Upfile.Mobi

Free Download Toy Soldiers: Complete PC Game – The award-winning smash hit returns with Toy Soldiers: Complete ! Bring your toys back to life with the original Toy Soldiers and Toy Soldiers: Cold War, now bundled together with all DLC packs: Kaiser’s Battle, Invasion! , Napalm and Evil Empire. That’s both Toy Soldiers games and all DLC in one $45-value bundle … (more…)

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